Friday, November 7, 2014

In my Universe

I split my universe

for me, my design,

my decisions shape

my universe, which I

created to obey my rules,

but it defies its creator, and

every decision splits

into more decisions,

into every ever increasing

number of universes, which

all of them are mine

- 1 Aug 2014

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rich and the guilt of Indifference

Hating rich is the biggest road block in becoming rich and leading a prosperous life.This theory has been in wide circulation recently.The rich world seems so ignorant about the parallel world of people who were less fortunate in opportunities,and those who do not have ancestral fortunes.This parallel world is ignored in such a blatant manner that,it seems that this side of world don't even exists.

It may seem very practical to be selfish, in this seemingly selfish world,but this practicality is making us,in a way 'passively sadistic' .We are unable to feel the pain of people,who are suffering right beneath and beside us.  The culture of ignorance teaches us to heartlessly engage in our work and pursuit to become wealthier,ignoring our disadvantaged brothers and sisters.This angst is not for redistribution of wealth,but its for the creating equal opportunities for the less privileged.Innovations should always be encouraged,this doesn't stop us for creating opportunities for everyone to be innovator.

Keeping people deprived of opportunities may seem very harmless to the imperialist thinking,but deep within,its enough to cause turmoil and pierce through the impenetrable cloak of ignorance of the unjust richness.The unfortunate thing happening now is promotion of this unjust ignorance as a quick ladder to become rich.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birth of a Star

So much darkness,silence
for don't know how much
eternity,a silent cold
corner of the universe
Lost in obscurity
in the clouds of death

Pressure and heat
was building for ages
in the silent cold
corner of the universe

Just one moment of explosion
changes everything forever
Heat and brightness of the new
the darkness,which was there
for don't know how much

Stars will always be
born midst of hopeless darkness
and obscurity
In some silent cold
corners of the universe

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Be Decisive

Verses should be on either
side of the wall
Either be with one or
another,leave no
doubt,or your sanity is

Just support blindly
to your full extent
to whatever your mind 
assumes even a bit more
correct than the other 
or you will be called
incoherent in thoughts

You know that some
part of the other side is
rationally correct,if you
stand for it,as
everything is debate
either you are for,
or against it

To make your voice
heard you must 
sacrifice things true to 
you which lie
on the otherside
or you will not be heard 
make an impact to the 
dabate called world

Friday, March 30, 2012

Electronic Music is not effortless

Some people always discredit electronic musician's efforts,saying that producing electronic music requires relatively very less efforts and dedication than playing musical instruments.But these efforts are more of mental in nature than  physical labour.

 Besides this these people forget the dedication of creative geniuses who devoted their time and labour to create a new kind of music by bringing in the latest scientific advancements.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seeking Attention

Attention is needed,
and there is no denying
most seclusive even needs
but its need never displayed

Ignored again and again
turns attention dangerous
the danger still seeks more attention

for some, attention
seems to surround them
without their worth
contrast in attention drives
thirst for even more attention

Its the same that wants
us to stand out in a crowd
and recognized by more people
a source to compete for life
and there is no denying

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sparks of revolution

Bring an upheaval on mass scale at an unprecedented level
which would seem inevitable to oppressors and the corrupt.

The approach:
Make the fire surround the oppressors gradually from all sides that
it is totally unnoticed at the first but by the time the oppressors
understand it,it grows out of proportion to such great extent that,
it becomes beyond their control to crub or undermine its effect.

Written on 20 NOV 2010