Friday, February 3, 2012

Sparks of revolution

Bring an upheaval on mass scale at an unprecedented level
which would seem inevitable to oppressors and the corrupt.

The approach:
Make the fire surround the oppressors gradually from all sides that
it is totally unnoticed at the first but by the time the oppressors
understand it,it grows out of proportion to such great extent that,
it becomes beyond their control to crub or undermine its effect.

Written on 20 NOV 2010

Shining star

Shining star

You are a shining star
can see you being so far
you rise every night,
when my hopes are down
Your brilliance gives me hope
for the morning to come

Sometimes clouds separate you,
but I know you are there
for me,always giving me
direction and decision

Even If I sleep I see you
shine in my dreams,
You are my shining star