Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rich and the guilt of Indifference

Hating rich is the biggest road block in becoming rich and leading a prosperous life.This theory has been in wide circulation recently.The rich world seems so ignorant about the parallel world of people who were less fortunate in opportunities,and those who do not have ancestral fortunes.This parallel world is ignored in such a blatant manner that,it seems that this side of world don't even exists.

It may seem very practical to be selfish, in this seemingly selfish world,but this practicality is making us,in a way 'passively sadistic' .We are unable to feel the pain of people,who are suffering right beneath and beside us.  The culture of ignorance teaches us to heartlessly engage in our work and pursuit to become wealthier,ignoring our disadvantaged brothers and sisters.This angst is not for redistribution of wealth,but its for the creating equal opportunities for the less privileged.Innovations should always be encouraged,this doesn't stop us for creating opportunities for everyone to be innovator.

Keeping people deprived of opportunities may seem very harmless to the imperialist thinking,but deep within,its enough to cause turmoil and pierce through the impenetrable cloak of ignorance of the unjust richness.The unfortunate thing happening now is promotion of this unjust ignorance as a quick ladder to become rich.