Monday, December 12, 2011

Contemproray Moral lessons for children

Teaching ethics to children in primary school is considered a major step in the process of character building,but what happens later, is a known fact,some children who fail to understand the difference between the written words and the actual practicality,they feel deceived, as they are confronted by exactly the opposite which was taught in moral science lessons. They find that things taught primary school are not only rare, but also least expected by the people.

To avoid this dilemma, we should teach them the actual worldly concepts at the initial stage of the childhood, to mentally prepare them face the dishonest deceitful world, instead of giving them a falsehood of a dream-world which never existed.

The new moral lessons should be ---

1. Opportunist
Always take all opportunities which exists, the only condition should be,that, it should not harm you.To rise above all, you must learn to use opportunities to suppress your rivals in any manner possible.

Never hesitate to cheat,if you are confident that you will never be caught.

All those weaker to you, should remain under your authority.You should effectively practice flattery to the people more powerful than you,to gain their support and when you are at par or more powerful than them,then do not delay in overthrowing them from the position of authority.This is the ladder to rise above.

Always lie in situations, where lie is never expected from you or you are trusted and chances of getting caught is impossible.Lying for personal benefit is an important aspect of personal growth.

Always help only those,from whom you may expect to get some help.Always take help if someone is ready to help,later on you should move ahead and need not help him, if he seems to be no use to you and cannot harm you.

The most important thing in the world.Always remember that first impression is the only impression.You should present yourself by faking yourself to be perfect and deceive people,so that later, you could use the deceived people.

This final nail in the space-ship which would propel you to the heaven of success.Always see your personal motive in every work,and plan your actions accordingly.Do remember that honest,truthful people are always tutored and deceived.

8.Facing your conscience
Your conscience may put hurdles in your path of practicality,always make it quiet by giving it false hope that these things are temporary and you will change someday,but actually never change.

(Written on 27 November 2011)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Again compelled To Write

I feel lost in this
race to be always first,
In this race, I know
I can win,But sometimes
I wonder why are we racing
and whom will we defeat

I know these are reasons
or excuses to accept defeat
or hide my own incapability

If you stop to think,
others move ahead,and you are
left with just thoughts

Sight of victory seems to vanish
gradually,the fear of defeat increases
so much that we forget the
fact that,we started this
race just to win

Laziness always tempts us
to leave the sight of destiny
and settle for less

Poetry,poems for me are just mediums
to take out frustrations
of defeat out

I don't know how many times
more I have to write.
I never naturally wanted to write,
always compelled by the emptiness
in the path,so compelled
to write again and again

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dilemma of Knowledge

Graphical representation of knowledge in forms of alphabet is too hard to visualize. Knowledge or previous experience was first gained orally when human beings learned to speak. Then arose a need to preserve knowledge in exact form,which was not possible through verbal mode. So, gradually words were given shapes/symbols to represent knowledge. In the industrial age machines were invented for mass production of knowledge in forms of text.

Its a great sense of hypocrisy that we still use the same means of knowledge transmission that was used by our forefathers, even after achieving many technological breakthroughs like television, digital media and currently we have 3D (the tag-line – Experience it in 3D).

(To be continued...)

Solace of Arts

To find solace with myself
To connect with me

To flow effortlessly on the
sea of pure emotions

To cure wounds that run
deep within me

To be me and just me

Shutting off myself from
the difficulties and
complexities of this world

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Experiences from my past

Its important to look good for being good

If you look shabby and dirty you are not in the grace of God”.I was taught this in class1,but my mind refused to accept it, simply cause a person can be good even if he/she doesn't wear good clothes or have a good outlook.

Once again in class 9 th,I was confronted by a similar question that, “who is there who do not want to look good ?”.I don't know how some of my friends pointed me out,that,I was the one,who did n't want to look good. I denied it. But actually wanted to say that, looking or dressing smartly is not he criteria at least for me .That thing in class 1 remained with me forever.

Gradually I realized that looking good was the everything – self-confidence,social-esteem,status and every other thing related with personality.

Looking good is far more important than being good,at least this what the world perceives .But still my mind refuses it cause I may be stubborn.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost in the Darkness

You brought me down
to such a depth.
Darkness surrounds me
Months and days spend in it
have handicapped my belief.

But its just the darkness that
surrounds me,I have hands
but they are rendered motionless
by the false belief of darkness

No Light could ever come inside
except Me
I am my Light

I will discover me,
my hands in the darkness
and end this mystery of
that have undermined
my hand and its power .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am no leader

I don't want to lead
neither do I want to follow any

But in taking my own
path I feel alone and sidelined,
but there are only few in the
crowd who dare to cross
the limits of the crowd, alone.

We Still like to hide
in the noise of the crowd
and want someone to lead,
want unison.

But this wait never
ends,and our
voices remain unheard.

Even if I don't lead
I should let my voice
reach out firm,loud and clear.
Even if I have to leave the
anonymity that the crowd

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Right Path

There will be difficulties
and adversity in the
right path but don't fall
back,continue your journey
towards a destiny which
only few have even dreamt .

Directly take all difficulties
on yourself, never blame yourself.
If you want something and
believe it has even a little
possibility,it can be done.

Face the adversities and difficulties
head on.Never shy away from
sufferings and pain.

Pain and sufferings are
part of the journey to success.
Always believe in yourself,
that you can and will
certainly achieve
what you want.

(written just for motivation of poet)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Dirty Among the Pure White Flowers

I am as dirty as hell
among the flowers which
are very pure as they
seem to be
But these flowers are
hiding beneath them
more dirt than their brightness

No one questions their
purity as they shine
like Sun,their brightness
hides the stockpile of the
dirt on which this
brightness is created as
a certificate of purity
But I stand dirty among these
pure group of flowers.

Every pure flower uses
dirt to grow its purity
But at the end the
dirt is condemned to
be dirty and flower
praised for vibrance

Everyone knows the crude truth
But the flower having some dust
is always discarded,and
the dust everywhere
which is being covered by
the pure flowers is ignored

The dirty flowers is plucked
and thrown away as a punishment
for being among the
pure white flowers.