Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Dirty Among the Pure White Flowers

I am as dirty as hell
among the flowers which
are very pure as they
seem to be
But these flowers are
hiding beneath them
more dirt than their brightness

No one questions their
purity as they shine
like Sun,their brightness
hides the stockpile of the
dirt on which this
brightness is created as
a certificate of purity
But I stand dirty among these
pure group of flowers.

Every pure flower uses
dirt to grow its purity
But at the end the
dirt is condemned to
be dirty and flower
praised for vibrance

Everyone knows the crude truth
But the flower having some dust
is always discarded,and
the dust everywhere
which is being covered by
the pure flowers is ignored

The dirty flowers is plucked
and thrown away as a punishment
for being among the
pure white flowers.

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