Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Experiences from my past

Its important to look good for being good

If you look shabby and dirty you are not in the grace of God”.I was taught this in class1,but my mind refused to accept it, simply cause a person can be good even if he/she doesn't wear good clothes or have a good outlook.

Once again in class 9 th,I was confronted by a similar question that, “who is there who do not want to look good ?”.I don't know how some of my friends pointed me out,that,I was the one,who did n't want to look good. I denied it. But actually wanted to say that, looking or dressing smartly is not he criteria at least for me .That thing in class 1 remained with me forever.

Gradually I realized that looking good was the everything – self-confidence,social-esteem,status and every other thing related with personality.

Looking good is far more important than being good,at least this what the world perceives .But still my mind refuses it cause I may be stubborn.

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