Saturday, September 3, 2011

Again compelled To Write

I feel lost in this
race to be always first,
In this race, I know
I can win,But sometimes
I wonder why are we racing
and whom will we defeat

I know these are reasons
or excuses to accept defeat
or hide my own incapability

If you stop to think,
others move ahead,and you are
left with just thoughts

Sight of victory seems to vanish
gradually,the fear of defeat increases
so much that we forget the
fact that,we started this
race just to win

Laziness always tempts us
to leave the sight of destiny
and settle for less

Poetry,poems for me are just mediums
to take out frustrations
of defeat out

I don't know how many times
more I have to write.
I never naturally wanted to write,
always compelled by the emptiness
in the path,so compelled
to write again and again