Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Discrimination of talent

Today knowledge,capacity, natural talent, and intelligence doesn't matter,what matters is your ability to communicate(for India exclusive rights have been given to English by the corporate world).Many talented and capable people are discriminated by the corporate world using the excuse of language and so called 'corporate etiquette'.Our mother tongue is discriminated by ourselves ---(esp. those who reach at top levels of capitalism and for showing 'pseudo-ethics' and 'drawing room behaviour' and they also deny any chance to those who deserve and are in need).

This capitalist policy is a recent one when we look down upon history.It all started the end of the cold war in early 1990's.New enterprises started all over the world and gradually information technology started becoming huge in terms of capital generated and growth rate. The marketing boom which started in 1960's in US and Europe spread to India and and other developing nations.This started a urge for profit as fast as possible.The result is a well known fact --

Focus was shifted from content and efficiency to outlook , presentation, and glamour. This led to our current problem—What has become important is glitz,covering,'pseudo-etiquette','pseudo-manners' and 'pseudo-behaviours'.Underneath the mind of a well groomed corporate leader there exists a human being which is being enslaved by the blind following of the cruel capitalism.This tendency has created a rift between the corporate sector and the real nation .Magnitude of the rift in thought and belief can be seen from the fact that still more than 260 million people in the country are still below poverty line,and countless graduates,post-graduates,and doctorates are jobless not because they were not suitable for job but due to our lineage towards smooth ,sober,'urban style of seeing and judging talent and intelligence' .

The is one more aspect to what we see and and perceive things around us.I just want to ask a simple question—when you see a 4 year innocent child begging on the streets or any of the other public places...what do you feel about them---most probably you may think that--”what a pity, how cruel their parents are,if they can't feed and nurture them, they shouldn't have brought them in this world to beg.But by doing this ,we try to make ourselves understand that in no ways we are responsible for their misery.

One more question,what if some of them—the above said deprived ones are prodigy,will their talent will ever be recognized by our “generous and well mannered corporate world”. The answer is no in a certainty .The outcome of this rejection will make them take the wrong path in life and become criminals(turning their unrecognised talents to wrong direction) .

Showcase of corporate charity
Many organizations in the corporate world have their charity funds and sister organizations claiming that they are for the benefit of the masses.But the reality is very different,these people who try to gain sympathy from the society and government are the least bothered about the underprivileged.This showcase is for increasing market penetration by creating false a atmosphere of generosity and humanity.

It is said that what a man does in his leisure shows his character and intelligence.What would you expect this “Etiquette World” to do in their leisure read page-3 columns of the newspapers,attend parties,discotheques,nigh-outs,visit malls-multiplexes and read English elite literature(esp. those of foreign authors)...after such selfish activities they complain of bad government,politics,corrupt administration,failure of system and collapse of law and order.It is a fact that they are the first one to shy away from their democratic responsibility of voting.They don't give a damn about anything until they are directly affected .How can charity and nationalism can be expected from them.If they do,its mostly for publicity and fooling the nation and some where they are fooled themselves.

Assassination of science by the discriminators
It is no wonder that after the World War II,innovations that would have changed the fate of the world never happened.It may seem disgusting to link the “etiquette and demands of the corporate world” with the failure of science and originality,but I am sorry its undeniable.Just citing few examples--all the major development in the world happened before the world war II –invention of electricity,radio transmission,aircraft,combustion engine and we should not forget that all the modern amenities that we use have their genesis in this era..besides this all major theories like Theory of relativity,Max Planck Theory,Theory of uncertainty,Atomic model that changed the course of the world were developed during this phase.After 1945 there started a trend of modification and up gradation of existing things and ideas.People stopped questioning the previous data and knowledge,and closed the chances of greater endeavours. This is the direct consequence of the pseudo-etiquette imposed by the corporate world and its requirement of being as perfect as a machine.

Due the market demand and job insecurities people started to undermine their inborn talents and interests and moulded themselves in corporate leaders(who are in no way leaders they only lead to amass wealth and to create an impeccable wall which separates them from the less privileged).

This was the final nail in the coffin of science.Lets hope that science will rise again from its ashes and talent will be recognized and respected again.

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