Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Divided Innocence

We live in a country that is culturally intact and there is some kind of inexplicable bond that ties the whole country together. Our aspirations are similar ,to be exact ,it is exactly the same,and same are our problems .This seems to be a great portray of our national unity,but it also hides our greedy interests,insecurities,jealously and our indifference towards our own.
We fight for region,language,caste,religion and job insecurities.Some may disagree to this point that it is not us but he politicians who fuel their pity issues and gain political mileage but there is no clear line of distinction between the politicians and us(general public who loved to be called general).When we were child we were least bothered about our friend's caste,religion,race or the region which she/he may belong to,we were only concerned with her/his nature.But as we grown,the so called 'matured beings' taught us that we should keep a safe distance from the above mentioned 'others'.We were made to understand that their progress will harm us,they hate us and moreover they are our enemies.This is the point of time ..which can be called as "DIVIDING of INNOCENCE".

Some days back I made a very important observation-- children of Pune of are no different from Patna,this may sound very strange but I feel this very strongly .Their language may be different but they talk in exactly similar manner,their expressions same,they may have been brought up under different surroundings and social setups,but their activities,style of playing,abusing (to be true) and all other domains of life are inseparable from the children of Patna.This similarity is so strong that it made me remember my childhood..

I am damn sure that this similarity runs throughout the whole country..
But then ......

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